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Kai’s blog

Great Barrier Reef, QLD
We went to the Great Barrier Reef. We saw fish and 16 turtles. We went to Green Island. We swam in the pool. I saw a shark getting chased by a big fish.

Daintree, QLD
We are at the Daintree. The Daintree is the oldest surviving rainforest on earth. The birds that I know here are cassowaries and sunbirds. The butterflies colour are blue. The Mossman Gorge section is largely inaccessible, except for a part of Mossman River where people come to swim.

We went to an exotic fruit farm. We got to taste fruit. It is near Cairns. The last one tasted like custard. The davidson plum tasted very sour.

Cooktown, Qld
James Cook was a navigator in the war. He was a sailor and an explorer. James Cook was born in Oct 1728. His ship was called the Endeavour.

James Cook got killed by Hawaians. He went to Australia. He got to a bay – he called it Stingray Bay. It is now called Botany Bay. He crashed the ship in the Great Barrier Reef. So, he did not sink, they threw things overboard.

Archer Point, QLD
It is windy. It has a rope swing, We are staying here for 4 nights. It is close to Cooktown.

Kakadu, NT
We went on the Yellow Waters Cruise. We saw crocodiles, kingfishers, sea eagles and kites. We got breakfast at the buffet. We had bacon, sausage, apple juice, orange juice, muffin and danishes. I liked seeing the crocs.

Umbrawarra, NT
We are at Umbrawarra. We made a trap. We walked a trail to the waterhole. We saw 3 lizards.

Artlunga, NT
We are at a gold mining place. I found some tiny piece of gold. We got two garnets from the ranger.

Kata Tjuta, NT
At Kata Tjuta we went on a long walk. It was cool because the views were good.

Tom Price, Pilbara, WA

We saw big trucks.  We got to take a piece of iron.  We wore a hard hat, and glasses.  We saw the second biggest mine in the world.

Ned’s Camp, Cape Range, WA

At neds camp we went fishing.  We caught a 187cm golden trevaly.  Our window got smashed by our jerry can.   We drove around a bend – it smashed out of the window.  We snorkled at oyster stacks, turquoise  bay, south mandu and lakeside.  I saw a shark in the water and 5 unicorn fish.

Cape Peron, WA

At Cape Peron, I caught lots of fish.  I caught three bream, 2 trealy, 1 emperor, 5 little bream, lots of parot fish.  Some people we met went out on a boat and caught lots of fish such as 1 ray, makeral, 3 cod, 2 trevaly and black tip reef shark.  We saw a dugong and some turtles and lots of sharks such as the black tip reef shark.

Monkey Mia, WA

At Monkey Mia, we got to feed the dolphin.  I fed Shock and Nicky.  We went swimming in the hot tub and the cold pol.

Scooby Doo Story

Once Scooby Doo was driving in the Mystery Machine.

“Scooby Dooby Doo,” said Scooby Doo and the mystery was the goblin crocodile ghost.  Scooby and Shaggy said, “Are we there yet?”  Fred said, “No”. “Shaggy,stop asking” said Daphne.  Scooby started to laugh at Shaggy. “You too, Scooby,” said Valma. “Ro!” said Scooby but then they bunp into the goblin crocodile ghost.  “Raaaaaaaa!” Scooby said.  They got away but their car broke down.

Sandy Cape, WA

Things that I learnt about the animals that live here.

Seals: The islands in jurien bay marine park is where they live.

Honey possom: This species is not related to mice or possoms.

Dibbler: Fossil records suggest that dibblers once extended across the south western corner of Australia, from Shark Bay.

Skink: It feeds on insects and spiders.

Perth, WA

Today we are at Perth staying at a friends house.  It was fun.  We made the adult breakfast and a drink.  The friends are called Ella and Ava.  We played spies.  We played on the trampoline.  We had fun.  We went on a big bike ride and saw a dophin.

Hamelin Bay, WA

Yesterday, we went and  saw sting rays and we saw an Australian eagle ray.  We saw them at Hamelin Bay.  We did a walk.  The stingrays were in the wild one with no tail went over my mums toes.

Margaret River, WA

Two days ago was my birthday.  We went and saw my friends Harry and Olly and went to a beach with big waves and small waves too.  We had lollies.  This is what I got for my birthday.  I got a stopwatch and it tells you the day and the time.  I got a snorkel, a Kindle, a pair of goggles, a light to read the Kindle.  We had cake.

Red Tingle Trees Information Report

They are the biggest tree in the world, well, I think.  You can find them at the tree top walk and you can find Grandma tree too.   You can recnise them because the the tingle trees have a big hole in it.  The Grandma tree has wrinkles on it that is why it is called a Grandma tree.  You can do the walk on the ground or the trees at the canopy walk.   The red tingle trees are about 75m high.  The tree top walk is at Denmark in Australia.

Denmark, WA

Today at Denmark, we camped in Parry Beach.  We met some friends and played on a kind of swing made out of one small log to sit on and rope to hold it.  We went in the bushes and saw a big snake.  We made a cubby house that was made out of broken tree branches.  One of the branches broke because I was climing a tree to get a twig to carve into a spear but the tree branch broke.  I fell to the ground and landed on soft dirt but hurt my head on hard ground.  I found a swing that was not good I just fell on the soft dirt.

7th February – Cape Le Grande

Today we went to have breakfast.  We drove on the beach with my bike.  We went on the soft sand – it was fun.  We did school work in the camp kitchen.  I did maths and english.  I did art and I made flowers in a cup – it was fun.  My dad is learning how to play tnt dinomite on teh gitar.  We set up the hammock.  We went surfing.  I found a material to carve.  I carved it to two faces, a mountain, a pig, a car seat and a footprint on the beach.  I surfed at lucky bay.  It was nice water.  We were mountain goats and saw a cave.  I surfed at Cape le Grand.  I lay on the hammock with my pillow.

Riding on the beach

Riding on the beach

2nd February – Nullabor

We are crossing the Nullabor.  We played golf.  Every roadhouse has a golf hole.  We ran down the sand dues.  At the farm we had a big fire where we camped.  We had fun.
IMG_7964 (640x427)
1 February – Nullabor
We are crossing the Nullabor.  We camped at a sheep house.  We patted the baby horses.  We drove a lot.  We went t the great bight of Austrlia.  I bought a set of working sutff for school work.  We got it at the visitors centre.  We played golf.
30 January.  Streaky Bay
Today we went fishing.  We went on a persons boat and he let us fish off his boat.  We didn’t catch any fish.  We went to a restaurant.  We played in the playground.  We swam with the sea lions and dolphins – it was fun.  One seal went right under me.  We put on wetsuits and a snorkel.  I like the sea lions.
Kai under water

Kai under water

29 January.   Streaky Bay
Today we went to get a haircut.  Next to our tent was a playground.  We went to do shopping.  We got our battery fixed of the car.  We went fishing off the jetty.
28 January.  Eyre Peninsula
In the morning we drove on a WD drive track.  We saw emus on the side of the road.  I was very hungry because we didn’t have breakfast.  We stopped to get fish and chips for breakfast and lunch – it was 12:00.  We play on our nooks.
27 January.  Coffin Bay
Today I went fishing and did not caught a fish but I caught a crab.  We said goodbye to some friends.  We played minecraft in the sand and with our bodies.  I read lots of books.  We did the blog.  We saw a hermit crab and little flathead fish.

26 January.  Coffin Bay.

Dear Kane and Brooke,

Thanks for the oysters and fig.  We enjoy staying in Coffin Bay a lot.  We liked watching the dolphins and fishing.  Shae said thanks for telling Shae about the fish in the water.

From Kai

22nd January.  Driving from the Barossa to Fitzgerald Bay, Eyre Peninsula:

Today was a long drive.  When we were driving, we saw two army trucks on a truck.  We watched Scooby Dooby Doo.   We did school work in the car.

IMG_7545 (640x427)

When we got there, we had a swim.   We had fun.  We made friends.  At night we had lots of fun playing treasure hunting.  We looked for x marks the spot.

IMG_7561 (640x427)

The place that we were staying at had big signs saying: ‘Danger.  Unexploded bombs.  Do not go in’

IMG_7568 (800x533)

20 January: Barossa Valley

Today we went to wineries.  One of them, the first one we went to, was fun.  There were toys to play with.  We played in the pool at the campsite.  It was fun in the pool.

17 January.  Beachport, South Australia

Today we went to go driving on the beach in a white car.  We saw a dead stingray on the beach.  We had a swim in the blue sea.  We jumped off the yellow sand dunes.  We took a picture – it was nice.  We had the best time in the world.  It was fun.

16 January.  Narracoote Caves

A few days ago we went to caves.  And looked at the fossils in the caves.  Then we went to the wet cave.  And we went in the Victoria Cave.  They told us how the fossils got in.  8 big holes were in the ceiling that animals would fall in the holes.