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Complete Campsite Kakadu XT Camper Trailer

  • After months of research and a visit to the Rosehill Caravan and Camping show, we decided on a Complete Campsite Kakadu XT camper trailer.
  • It seems well-built and able to handle off road conditions and has a few luxuries, like a great stainless steel built in kitchen and sink, good storage and amazingly, running hot water and (wait for it) ducted heating.
  • Getting the basic tent up or down literally takes 10-15 mins, with the annex taking another 15 mins or so
  • 130 Watt Solar Panels to keep the batteries topped up
  • Pop up shower/toilet tent
  • First Aid Kit (Small)
  • About 150 litres of water (90lt tank, 2x20ltr jerry cans, 20lt in hot water system)
  • 1 x jerry can of diesel


Mitsubishi Pajero 2009

  • We needed something with good towing capacity as the trailer is ~1.5 ton fully loaded and the Pajero fits the bill.
  • Goodspanner in Harbord added our safari snorkel, swapped the smartbar to an ARB steel bullbar (better protection for the car if we happen to hit an animal), improved our suspension with Old Man Emu kit, added a duel battery with additional outlets and andersen plugs.  We needed new tyres, so we went for the BFG all terrain tyres (265 70R 17) which gave us a little more height.
  • All up around 210cm high – better be careful in those car parks!
  • We’ve also added a reverse camera to both the Pajero and the Camper Trailer (thx Pete for your help it to the trailer!)
  • Other bits include Prorack Whisbar roof racks, plumbing pipe for long stuff like fishing rods and Tigerz 11 awning (thx Dad for the help)
  • Main First Aid Kit
  • Esky (at this stage we are going to start with the esky and see if we need another fridge/freezer in addition to the 80L Engel in the camper trailer)



  • Two mobile phones with Telstra for better coverage
  •  Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro satellite phone with prepaid calls for emergency communications only.  This combo was the cheapest option – you would consider other options if you want to maintain contact with everyone from remote areas.  We decided not to buy a PLB and rely on the satellite phone.
  • Two Uniden Walkie Talkies which have a 3-4km range… this seems to be enough for communicating with other vehicles nearby.  We wont be doing harder offroad trails in very remote areas, so we have not bought in vehicle UHF/HF at this stage…
  • Telstra mobile prepaid modem for internet, etc


Courses Attended:

  • First Aid Course
  • Off Road Driving Course with the Toyota Landcruiser Club (TLCC)
  • Offroad Towing course, again with the TLCC
  • Bartley’s driver school of hard knocks
  • I also wanted to attend the Sand Driving course offered by the TLCC, but unfortunately Stockton Beach had been closed for quite some time


Recovery Gear:

  • Full Warn Recovery Kit
  • Shovel & Mattock
  • hatchet & wood splitter
  • Highlift Jack (to be purchased)
  • Tyre Puncture Kit
  • Trax sand track
  • Jumper leads
  • Dampeners
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Gloves
  • Still thinking about the chainsaw…

Tools & Spares:

  • Tried to keep both the tools and spares to the basics.  I am not a mechanic, nor particularly mechanically minded.  The advice I have received is to put the bonnet up and scratch my head… someone is sure to stop.  Therefore…
  • Tools:  Basic socket and spanner set, hammer, shifters, cold chisel (not the band), screw drivers, files, mallet, wheel brace, grease gun, rechargable drill, pliers, multigrips, stanley knife, allen keys
  • Essential emergency stuff (is that the technical term?):  Gaffer tape, welding tape, cable ties, WD40, tyre filler, silastic, wire, raditator lead, araldite
  • Spares:  Camper Trailer wheel hub, split pins and shock, air filter, fuses, hose clamps, engine oil, radiator coolant, fan belts, waterproof bearing grease
  • Note:  I did not bother with hoses… too hard to change, will rely on the welder tape!  I also figured I would not be touching electricals – those that know me know that I almost failed electrical engineering at university…

Support Staff:

  • Rig Mods and anything that needs a hammer:  Dad (JJ, Poppy, etc)
  • Chief Mechanic:  Pete (at least he tried!)
  • Driver Education:  Bartley
  • Route Planning:   All of ya
  • Guitar lessons:  Osky Pops (I cant believe you haven’t given up on me yet!)
  • Camping Education:  DM & Jules + Friends (still cant believe they cooked seafood paella!)
  • Child minding (Aelish – you sure you dont want to come???)