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Stanley Bend – Murray River

After leaving the Halls with sad farewells we headed back towards Beechworth to sample some of the local wines.  We organised an appointment at Star Lane Winery, but turned up about 45 minutes late after getting a little lost (there is a Star Lane in the centre of town, but they are in a different Star Lane 20km out of town… who’d have thunk???).  Unfortunately we missed the history of the town (it is where Ned Kelly was held in a prison and sentenced to death).

But the wines of Star Lane were worth it.  Loved them.  Brett was a fantastic host.  And loved that table – you have to see it to believe it.  No photos – we were busy tasting!  Picked up a bottle of Sangiovese for our last supper on the road, and a bottle of the Nebbilio for putting down.  Thanks Brett.  We will be back.

We stopped in at a couple of wineries in the Rutherglen (Morris, Stanton & Killeen).  We bought a tokay (or topaque as we know have to call it) for desert.  Must say, sticky’s aside, we were most underwhelmed by both the wines and the experience.  Not that it was unpleasant.  There was just nothing to the wineries we visited – as with many popular areas, they put on staff who don’t know a lot about their wines.  I even tried to buy a bottle of wine at Morris (2007 Durif), but couldn’t as their credit machine did not work.  I walked out empty handed.

+100 year old vines at Morris.  Still underwhelmed.

+100 year old vines at Morris. Still underwhelmed.

Alas, we spent our last night at Stanley Bend on the Murray River.  How appropriate it was that we were looking across at our old home (NSW) from our new home (Victoria).  Beautiful spot, and free!

Campsite at Stanley's Bend on Murray River

Campsite at Stanley’s Bend on Murray River

Steak for dinner

Steak for dinner

Mum & Dad's bed (I just have to keep reminding Kai and Shae)

Mum & Dad’s bed (I just have to keep reminding Kai and Shae)

Kid's beds

Kid’s beds

Alas, the end of a great trip.  On our way home we stopped in at several wineries in the King Valley (after recommendations from Brett at Star Wines).  All were sensational, and warrant “further investigation” when we have a spare weekend and more time to sample.  The wineries we visited and bought wine from were:  Chrismont and Dalzotto.  The people on the door were knowledge and good people to spend time with.  They wanted to spend time with you.  Rutherglen could learn a thing or two from here.

Thank you to all of you that have been following this blog – this is our last blog entry. I’ve enjoyed writing it. And based on my discussions, you seem to have enjoyed reading it. I was overwhelmed by how many people were actually reading it (and could answer questions I asked!!!). I was also surprised how many people thought we may not make it for the full 12 months. I’ll let you know when my book on what really happened is published :).  No doubt there will be a film.  And a reunion once we start liking each other again 😀

So long… (yehhhhhhhhh! we made it!!!!!!)

Our last dinner on the Murray, looking across to our old home (NSW) from our new home (Victoria)

Our last dinner on the Murray, looking across to our old home (NSW) from our new home (Victoria)