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We headed south chased by huge rain clouds.  Not true, strictly speaking as the weather was coming up from the south… but that sounded much more dramatic.   We coped a bit of weather heading down, but nothing like the north coast of NSW had the week before.

One thing we noticed was how green everything was.  After the dryness of most of Australia, this was a welcome change.  I guess this is why most of the population lives on the east coast of Australia, and why it is slowly sinking into the ocean.  That, and the BIG things we seem to have lots of over here… Big Prawns and Big Bananas (although it is not as big as I remember it as a child!).

We stayed over night with the five J’s and Luke in Port Macquarie… thanks for the lovely dinner.  It was a shame that we could not stay longer as we had to head out early to drop the trailer at Complete Campsite for some minor repairs and maintenance.  Again, the Kai and Shae just slotted back in with their friends and had a great time.

Four of the five J's with Kai and Shae

Four of the five J’s with Kai and Shae

We also drove past my Nan and Pop’s old house in Lake Cathie.  It has not changed a bit since they last lived there 15-20 years ago.

After dropping the trailer off in Gosford we headed down to Villa Da Millar and spent a lovely afternoon and night feasting on lamb koftas, drinking beers and quaffing wine.   Kai, Shae, Ruby, Sam and Tom played like they had only seen each other last week.  Only difference was that everyone was a bit taller.  The only disappointment was that I didn’t take any photos!!!  Must have had too much fun.

The last lunch we had before heading off from Sydney was at the Knudsens.  So it was only appropriate that the first lunch on Sunday was at the Knudsen’s.  And so begun a resumption of Kai and Flynn’s “bromance”.  Infact, Kai spent half the week with Flynn as we tried to give them as much time together… the whole way around Australia Kai lamented that he missed Flynn.  Lunch was sensational – especially loved the creamy pasta.

Best Mates Forever

Best Mates Forever


It was here I got that strange feeling that we had actually never been away.  It felt like it was, again, only a week ago we had lunch with the Knudsens.  And that the last year was another dimension where we had all these amazing experiences.  Shae said, as we drove down Warringah Road and got that wonderful first site of the water, “can we go home now”.  All of us felt that it would have been really nice to have done just that and slotted back into life.  It would have been so easy.

Enough of that nostalgia!  No time for that.  We headed to our home for the next 9 days at the Thompsons.  Just for something different, the Kai, Shae, Niamh and Caitlin played like they hadn’t been away.  No awkward re-introductions hiding behind respective parent’s legs.  Just squeals of laughter and straight into it.  Lots of late nights playing and having sleep overs with each other.

Caitlin had her 7th birthday at bowling… unbelievably, Shae actually won with 108 in his first ever game!

Kaitlin's birthday - Shae and Kaitlin choose their weapons...

Kaitlin’s birthday – Shae and Kaitlin choose their weapons…

... while Shae and Niahm assess strategies

… while Shae and Niahm assess strategies

Niahm - nice style!

Niahm – nice style!

Kai on the launching pad

Kai on the launching pad

Shae showing he can be meticulous at times (why didn't we have these when we were kids????  I could have been a champion if my ego hadn't been so bruised way back then at Bankstown AMF!!!)

Shae showing he can be meticulous at times (why didn’t we have these when we were kids???? I could have been a champion if my ego hadn’t been so bruised way back then at Bankstown AMF!!!)

I drink alone.  Yeh, with nobody else.

I drink alone. Yeh, with nobody else.

It was great sharing company with Mona and Chris, and Marion and Roy when they came up for the weekend.  We managed to polish off the dozen bottles of wine I bought.  PLUS even more of that from Chris and Monica.  PLUS the case of beer I bought and whatever we drank of Chris’s.  It was at this stage I decided that I would not be drinking for the rest of the trip after we visited mum and dad’s.

We had a lot to do in this week in Sydney, with catching up with friends and some work associates and trying to drum up some leads on work in Melbourne, to catching up with friends, lots of admin, house inspections (again, the house was in perfect order – thanks Paul, Kyundai and Tawunda).  I was reminded of how beautiful our house is when I walked back in the front door.  So spacey,warm and sunny with such wonderful views.

It was great catching up with lads at Moo Moos and hear how everyone was going over a great steak, beer and wine.

Mr Williamson kindly invited Kai to present his trip to his fellow year 3 and year 4 students at his old school. I must say, if Kai was nervous, he did a great job in hiding it. He did a great job. Lots of questions were asked. So many that the teachers had to end the session otherwise the kids would not get any lunch time! Kai stayed and played with his mates during lunch.

Kai also had a play date with Monika which sounded like a lot of fun. Unfortunately we could not organise another one as Monika went camping on our last weekend.

It’s funny – we dropped around at one of Shae’s old mate’s places from Kindy, Jake, because Shae had been asking if he could have a play date with him, to find out they had been trying to contact us as well as Jake had been asking when Shae was going to be back. Of course Shae and Jake had a great play over the Allens for the afternoon. Both our boys have established such amazing strong friendships.

Finally we had lunner (lunch/dinner – none of us were quite sure what we had because we were all talking so much we forgot what time it was) with Radim, Katarina, Sammy and Vicky at their new house… funny enough only three doors down from Shae’s mate, Jake.  I cant believe the the kids swam – it was so cold.  I was reminded of our last ski trip with these guys last year, with Kai skiing with Sammy by themselves down Bluecow, and Shae and Vicky “doin'” the magic carpets. Alas, I forgot my camera, again!

We had afternoon tea with our neighbours, while the kids ran riot and it absolutely poured outside.  And picked up the last of our things to take down to Melbourne.

The boys missed Georgia. (I think she missed them, too!)

The boys missed Georgia. (I think she missed them, too!)

Alas, it was time to leave for our year in Melbourne.  Lots of great friends and neighbours that we will again miss greatly.  I knew how much we missed everyone.  But I was absolutely humbled by how much every missed us.  I hope we see some of you down in Melbourne!

A special belated thank you to Chris, Monica, Niahm and Kaitlin for sharing your house and time with us. It was fun!

Best of pals... Kai and Shae had a ball with the Niahm and Kaitlin

Best of pals… Kai and Shae had a ball with the Niahm and Kaitlin


Flower at Thompsons

Flower at Thompsons



The Last Supper

The Last Supper

Photos:  Thomspons